Gail Olivia Everett: President / Founder

Olivia's Wellness Connection

"Health Is Your Wealth"

Happy New Year Everybody !!!!!
Make 2020 the year you make your Good Health a Priority in your life. Join OWC for
" New Year, Healthier New You"
Every Saturday morning 8:00 am, at the Princeton Family YMCA. Join Gail Olivia for her fun packed "MVP" workout, and the "Health Is Your Wealth Wellness Workshop" immediately following. 

                Weekly Weight Checks
                Blood Pressure Checks
                Valuable Information on nutrition
                Motivation to stay consistent 
                Membership in the OWC Family

" Everybody wants to look their very best. The most important thing is to first do everything possible to be healthy. That is what Olivia's Wellness Connection Program is all about. A journey together exploring everything possible to obtain the gift of good health. " Together we can reach our goals." Team work, group motivation, and self determination, are just a few of the powerful tools we use to enhance our good health. Join our wellness family for the keys to good health.

" Thank you to the Princeton Family YMCA for supporting and motivating Olivia's Wellness Connection." It is such a blessing to be part of an organization that is doing everything possible to 
make Princeton a healthier and happier community to live in."

                      God Bless,
                      Gail Olivia White-Everett:
                       Olivia's Wellness Connection

This program was founded in 1986, in honor of my late mother, Olivia G. White.
I dedicate my work this year to the late memory of my beloved sisters, Cynthia M. Fisher,
and Mahasin Rashada. 

Please donate to the Princeton YMCA in honor of Olivia's Wellness Connection