Gail Olivia Everett: President / Founder

Olivia's Wellness Connection

"Health Is Your Wealth"

   Working Together To Stay Healthy

     The world is in an uproar due to the Corona Virus Outbreak. Many jobs, gyms, businesses, and schools are closed. 

Please join OWC family for a 9:00 am 

Community Walking Workout  every,

Mon. - Fri. morning. We will leave from the front of the Princeton YMCA. It is essential we stay active, to maintain our mental and 

                                                                                    physical health. We will do our Sat. workouts

                                                                                    at the Community Park Track @ 9:00 am. 

It is with great sadness that I mourn the loss of my teacher, mentor, and dear friend,

Dorothy Smith Muellens. Dor was the Founder of The Suppers Program. We met nine 

years ago. From Dor I learned how to eat and cook delicious food in the healthiest way

possible. She was a master in her knowledge of nutrition and gardening. She shared

her gift of this passionately with everyone she came in touch with. I will forever treasure

the knowledge and love that Dor shared with me and my OWC Family. She will be 

greatly missed. 

                              WALK AEROBICS CAMP IS COMING!!!!!!!

           EVERY SAT. 4/18 - SEPT. 30, 2020

 We meet at Community Park Track next to the tennis courts. 

Email Gail- [email protected] for more information

This is a free program. Come out have fun and get fit at the same time.                                                                   

This program is in honor of my late mother, Olivia G. White, and my late sisters,

Cynthia M. Fisher, and Patricia A. White-Rashada.  


Gail Olivia White-Everett: President/Founder ( 1986)