Gail Olivia Everett: President / Founder

Olivia's Wellness Connection

"Health Is Your Wealth"

" One of my greatest pleasures is working with my senior clients "

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Personal Training: Individual or Group training is available.
Together we can reach your goal.

Group Exercise Classes: Gail's award winning MVP workouts
provide cardio to condition the heart, resistance training to tone and strengthen the body and a mind relaxing cool down.
You will feel totally rejuvenated!!!! (beginner or intermediate)

Respite Services: Do you have a loved one that you are caring for.Do you need a bit of respite? OWC will work with your loved one to provide a program that will keep them active and happy. OWC also provides companion care on the home front.

Wellness On Line provides a way to keep in touch for your wellness tips and much needed communication during your busy lifestyle. Together we will map out your daily plan.
Workouts from Gail's Tabata collection are available on line.

OWC Health Is Wealth - This wellness workshop provides
weekly weight & BP check and valuable information on nutrition.Healthy cooking and nutritious meal plans are all part of the agenda.  A healthy snack is provided at the meeting. All members are motivated & educated to make their health a priority. 

S.A.P. - This Senior's Activities Plus focuses on exercise for
seniors only, group or individual.